List of Victims of Brig Nambiar

*NOTE: Please let me know if anyone whose detail is given below wishes any detail to be deleted/ added/ amended:

Victims of RK Nambiar Amount Trfed Online  (Date of Transfer) Account no. of RK Nambiar where try was made Reasons Given by RK Nambiar while taking money
Lt Col Yogesh Jain r/o New Delhi Tel No: 09812421123Email: Rs 1,75,000


PNB Bangalore 4774000100011986 PUNB0477400 He is in Naxal Area in Chhattisgarh and needed money which he shall return on returning back to Bangalore
Lt Col AP Ramachandran r/o Chennai Tel No: 09840048146 Email: Rs 1,00,000


SBI Bangalore 20153506386 SBIN0015647 He asked for Rs 1 lac for a short period but now not responding to calls at all
Maj CM Bhando r/o New Delhi Tel No: 09312268615 Email: Rs 1,50,000 (25.03.2013) PNB Bangalore 4774000100011986 PUNB0477400 He said that he needed urgently for some financial crisis. He will return within 15/30 days. He is not responding to my calls / e-mail / SMS’s..
Col Ravi Kumar G r/o Hyderabad Tel No: 9440807072 Email: Rs 3,00,000 (11.3.2013) Syndicate Bangalore 06572200035466 SYNB0000657 He said that he was in Bangalore and need to pay the Builder with whom he booked an apartment and will return the money on reaching Pune where he has fixed deposits
 TOTAL 7,25,000/


 Money Collected at Jhunjhunu  Amount  Mode  Reasons Given 
Mainpal Singh Singhania r/o Pacheribari Jhunjhunu Tel No. 09050469511 Email: Rs 1,60,000/- Cash Return by PNB Jhunjhunu cheque7296006900001194IFSC:- PUNB0729600 For Ex-service Man Fund &Promised return in 2 month. He gave him  a check dated 18/11/2014. Cheque dishonored.
Desraj Yadav Dean Academics, Singhania Jhunjhunu Tel No.: 09416575020 Rs.22,500/- Cash Return by PNB Jhunjhunu cheque7296006900001194, IF: PUNB0729600 For purchasing a flat or Daughter College Fee.  Check date 01/11/2014 now Cheque Bounced
Dr. B.L. Kataria retired Medical Officer Now working in Singhania University Tel. No: 09314393501 Rs.20,000/- For urgent work
Dr. Dhananjai Retired DIG Of CRPF now working in Singhania Univeristy Tel. No: 07727036982 Rs.6000/- For Short Duration
Chairman Rajkumar Yadav of Singhania University Rs.30,000/- For Daughter College fee.


Col Suhas Jatkar r/o Pune Rs 6,00,000/- Details are yet not available.
Col George r/o Bangalore Tel : 09480023775 Email: Rs 50,000/- Syndicate Gurgaon 53242010031513 IFSC:
Col Devender r/o Gurgaon Rs 10,00,000/- Details yet not available. The officer collected money from  many friends and gave it to RK Nambiar
Ravi Gowda Fullerton Bank Bangalore (NBFC) 9880988971 Rs 5,00,000/ Date? A NBFC of Bangalore whose loan not returned.